“Broken Teeth” by Kahli Scott

This dream journal is a place to record your dreams.  It is best to write them down as soon as you wake up, while the images and emotions are still fresh.  It is also best to write with abandon.

You may wish to purchase a dream dictionary to accompany this pursuit.  A dream dictionary will help you to interpret recurring symbols within your dreams and attach them to realities in your life or psyche.

“Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions” – Edgar Cayce


Mon, Jan 26, 2009

My ex-boyfriend hit someone with his car.  We were driving along the beach, overloading with six people.  How that shitty little car managed to cut through the thick sand, I have no idea.  He was talking about something in his lisping voice and we warned him that there was a man ahead, there’s a man ahead, there’s a man right there, but the car ploughed right into him.  I heard, or maybe felt, legs crunch once under the wheels, before we came to a stop.  There was silence, until someone eventually said, “Okay”, and my ex-boyfriend said in a whine, “What?”

This is stupid.


Tues, Jan 27, 2009

My aunt had a big knife and she was scaring me.  I can’t remember what she was saying, but she was angry and the voice wasn’t hers.  I waited until she went to the bathroom and then I hurried to pack some clothes into a duffel bag so that I could make a run for it, but I couldn’t find any of my clothes and I couldn’t keep a grip on the duffel bag; it kept falling.  Then I heard the toilet flushing and the tap running and I woke up and really needed to go to the bathroom.

Why?  My aunt is a timid woman.  She doesn’t even like using big knives when she’s cooking.


Thur, Jan 29, 2009

I was drunk when I went to sleep last night and in my dream I was drinking can after can of soda.  It was incredible.  I could feel it; the sharp carbonated liquid running through me.  I could feel it.


Fri, Jan 30, 2009

There was a ruin on a cliff by the sea.  There was someone with me and we were sitting on a cracked stone wall, our legs dangling, talking about how, if we had done things a little differently, the opposite wall of the ruin might not be shaped like a diamond.  We went over and hugged either side of the wall, because we knew that if we hugged it enough, we would be able to squash it into a different shape.

I guess I don’t particularly like diamonds.  I don’t own any, nor do I play cards or enjoy magic tricks.

Another one, an old one:  I was back at school camp.  I was the age I am now, but I was back at school camp, and the same teacher stood there at the start of the high ropes course, shouting at me that my hair was too untidy.  But this time, I wasn’t silent and blushing.  I wish I could remember what I had yelled, because it had been good, and the look on her sagging face had been great.

I woke up out of breath.


Sun, Feb 1, 2009

We were on a ship and it was someone’s wedding.  We were standing on the deck holding flutes of champagne, when the loudest crack I’d ever heard shot out across the sky and a mushroom cloud of flame erupted on the horizon.  The ocean swelled like a carpet being pulled out from underfoot and we gracefully soared into the sky, still clutching our champagne flutes.  My sister and I hovered in the air and I said, “I love you” and she said, “I love you too.”  Then we plummeted into the water and I was still alive and I grabbed my six-year-old cousin’s hand and told her to get on my back.  She clung to me as we swam toward an island I could see in the distance and it looked like we were going to make it.


Sun, Sep 18, 2011

Pity I stopped doing this.


Kahli Scott is an Australian-Canadian writer currently based in Vancouver, BC.  She has a BFA in writing and literature from Queensland University of Technology, and has had work featured in Australian literary journals Wet Ink and Rex.