“Poem on a Theme by Verlaine” by George Freek

The times are disjointed.
I’m out of tune with them.
I watch the moon
unravel until it’s merely
a thin thread,
glowing in the moonlight
like a spider’s web.
But is that only my fancy?
I once drank whiskey.
Now I drink tea.
I stare at that moon.
I watch it disappear
by degrees. Clouds now
drape the trees
like the cowls of monks,
who have fallen to their knees.

George Freek is a poet/playwright living in Belvidere, IL. His poems have recently appeared in ‘The Oklahoma Review’; ‘The Poydras Review’; ‘The Empirical Review’; and ‘Epiphany Magazine’. His plays have recently been produced by The Marin Fringe Festival (CA); The Townsville Little Theatre (Australia); The Auburn Players Community Theatre (NY); Middle Class American Productions (Bellmore, NY); and the Leeds Amateur Dramatic Society (UK).