‘Entroper’: a portmanteau of ‘entropy,’ ‘trope,’ and ‘interloper.’ The name was chosen on a whim (the Editor just happens to enjoy the sound of those words). Likewise, this online literary journal was created out of an impulsive desire to see the kinds of works being produced today.

For those impatient readers who would rather head over to the works themselves than read this obligatory ‘About’ page, we understand. The Entroper’s goals can be condensed into one simple sentence: to publish the best works that we receive.

We welcome short stories, poetry, photography and art  (including comic strips) that are fresh, complicated without being too alienating and accessible without being too easy. Ideally, the work should hold up to multiple readings/viewings because we believe that the best works are worth visiting again and again. We have no particular preference between the traditional and the experimental, choosing instead to focus on how the work functions and whether or not it works well.

The fiction and poetry we search out should challenge readers with vivid imagery, audacious, precise language,  subtle artistry and an original vision (we don’t ask for much). We rely on our own sense of good taste but we also look for works that readers may appreciate (we wade through the muck so that you don’t have to). We seek the voices from people of different experiences and locales, as it is a part of the Entroper’s goal to introduce its readership to diverse writers. First and foremost, we concentrate on the way the work is crafted. We wish to provide an encouraging avenue for writers at all stages in their career to share their work because sometimes it’s enough to just see it out and about on a public space.



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